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My Approach

Symptoms draw our attention to areas that need care.  That is often where we start.  What is bothering you and what might be underneath?  Let me be clear, the question is what is bothering you, not why are you a bother?  You are not broken and do not need fixing. 

Together, we can expand your understanding of what is troubling you and build on your innate resilience. Sometimes it is as simple as just being heard.  But when it is not, shifting thoughts, words, and actions may provide relief and develop improved coping skills. (As I mentioned before, it may get worse before it gets better)

I work from a place that holds a high regard for the subconscious, I find language impacts our experiences tremendously, and trust that each person has the key to their own best choices.  You are already fully equipped and an expert on you.  Given the opportunity, I can help you unpack these things and move forward as you are able.

I don't do a lot of diagnosing, but if you have been previously diagnosed and that's helpful or accurate for you, we will use it to help recognize patterns and get directly to the most effective evidence based treatment.  It can be powerful to pull out the DSM and explore the criteria for each condition together.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am endlessly curious, relatively frank, and know it is my privilege when someone is brave enough to share.   And there is a time and a place for different people with different skills to offer throughout your life.  This is not a one size fits all journey and there is no supercenter for solutions.

Hang in there, you are worth it.  And resist the temptation to take shortcuts.  When we run from our problems, we only get farther from our solutions.

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